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The SDR-IT Group specializes in the installation and de-installation of server systems, in particular HPC systems. In addition, we provide services in the field of IT equipment inventory, Data Center decommissioning and waste electronic equipment management, transport of ICT systems, as well as data destruction. Safety is a priority, which is why we are a company that offers comprehensive solutions, and we provide services without the participation of third parties, guaranteeing transparency and speed of implementation of each task. We have the latest devices for destroying data carriers from the UNTHA brand (DIN 66399-2 – P4, E3, O5, T5, H5), DEPEI (DIN 66399-2 E5 / E6) and the most secure software tools for data deletion from recognized manufacturers WhiteCanyon and Blancco (Patent No. 9286231 SSD).

Compan-IT, the leader of the SDR-IT group, operates on the global market of IT equipment suppliers. We provide a fast, scalable and failure-free IT infrastructure at an excellent price, and we also provide customer service at the highest level. We have been trusted by customers from over 100 countries, and the logistics of our company allows us to quickly execute and ship orders. Our offer includes a wide range of servers, mass storage devices, network equipment and components from leading manufacturers, and our warehouse houses over 380,000 devices and components.

We focus on the highest quality of our services and the selection of the best business partners