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Since 2006, the mission of Compan-IT, a leader within the SDR-IT Group, has been to strengthen the market position of our clients by delivering reliable IT services and equipment quickly and securely worldwide. We tailor to the needs and continuously expand, creating new positions and enlarging our team.
Najnowsze technologie


The IT industry is constantly evolving, and it's crucial for us to expand employees' knowledge about the latest technologies, products, and solutions.


One of the main values ​​of our company is the continuous acquisition of knowledge and experience by our employees, which enables them to gain qualifications and advance to higher positions.

Najnowsze technologie
Najnowsze technologie


Since 2006, we have been operating in the international market, making us a stable company where all employees are treated equally regardless of their position or type of employment.

Positions you can apply for:

/ IT specialist

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Work among qualified technicians, handling, diagnosing, and configuring server hardware and enterprise-class devices. Utilize the best diagnostic software as well as data removal process software. Working as an IT Technician means no monotony, expanding competencies, and horizons.

/ Web developer

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Ensure the smooth operation of our company's websites and IT system. Utilize your knowledge of programming languages and SQL databases to create websites and achieve success. Collaborate with our team on current problem-solving and improving the efficiency of software and the system.

/ Storekeeper / Logistic

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We specialize in online sales and international transportation of IT equipment. Take an active part in organizing a modern warehouse, preparing orders for shipment, and operating the warehouse system. Utilize your experience and all available equipment necessary to complete the task.

/ Human Resources

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We offer office positions such as secretarial work, human resources, administration, and accounting. Work in a modern office environment, handling tasks such as receiving visitors, recruitment, organizing documentation and invoices, and ensuring office supplies are adequately stocked.

/ Photographer

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Take care of the image of our IT equipment by creating professional product photographs and visual materials for social media. Ensure the best shots using a seamless studio, professional equipment, and photo and video editing software.

/ Driver

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We conduct pickups and deliveries of equipment throughout Europe. We have our own fleet of vehicles, ranging from cars to trucks of various sizes. We cover miles in modern vehicles, and our shipping department ensures that the route, stops, and accommodations are planned and executed to the highest standards.

/ Hall Employee

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If you have good manual skills and take pride in your work, then this position is for you. Join our team of employees responsible for ensuring the smooth handling of products, their sorting and packaging, as well as operating the company's system.

/ E-commerce and Marketing

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Maintain the image of our company both on social media, on our websites, and beyond. Create content, graphics, and promotional materials. Ensure online sales of products and their visibility on the web using advertising methods and sales techniques.

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