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Installation of a data center and server room

Being aware of the importance of the proper functioning of the IT structure in your business, we help you both in modernizing it or building a new one. We implement the most modern projects from small server rooms to Data Centers, including the largest ones based on HPC (High Performance Computing) systems.
Instalacja centrum danych i serwerowni Instalacja centrum danych i serwerowni

Create your Data Center
with us

Create your Data Center with us

We help create scalable, stable, highly secure and energy-efficient data centers

Your plan
our realization

We have experience in the installation of server systems and IT networks, both the smallest and high-performance clusters for performing intensive calculations (HPC). We make installations in accordance with the highest standards, and the high quality of our services is confirmed by cooperation with the largest technology companies and installation throughout Europe.
Szybko i terminowo

Fast and
on time

Each installation is carried out on time, in accordance with the plan presented by the client and the agreed budget, which ensures a smooth transition to the new IT system, limiting all risks. Our teams support the client through the entire installation or migration process.
 Przejrzystość i komunikatywność

Transparency and communication

We adjust our projects and installations to the preferences and business requirements of the client. We maintain constant contact and are transparent throughout the design and assembly process.
 Doświadczenie i zaangażowanie

Experience and commitment

We have installed and disassembled hundreds of systems, thanks to which, regardless of the type of installation, we have the appropriate skills and experience. Commitment and individual approach to each project constitute the core of our strategy and ultimately the success of the client for whom we work.

Relocation of IT infrastructure

Are you planning to move your infrastructure to another place? We offer a complete service of disassembly, transport and installation of IT equipment throughout Europe.
Relokacja infrastruktury IT  Relokacja infrastruktury IT


Kompleksowe zarządzanie projektem

Comprehensive project management

Full control and management of the relocation and transport project from start to finish.
Dedykowany kierownik projektu

Dedicated project manager

One person designated to contact the customer in all matters from safety, to disassembly and assembly, as well as logistics.
Pełny pakiet usług serwisowych

A full package of maintenance services

Including disassembly, packaging, specialized containers, as well as transport and assembly in a new location.
Szybkie, bezpieczne rozwiązania

Fast, secure solutions

No outsourcing, full control over devices from their removal, through transport and then assembly anywhere in Europe


Keeping records and securing all devices, containers and cargo space additionally sealed
Specjalistyczne pojazdy i procesy

Specialized vehicles and processes

100% security of utilities and devices during transport, as well as record and report according to established patterns in the system with customer acces
Funkcje GPS i Wideo

GPS and Video functions

From loading, to transport and unloading, 24/7 systems that track and monitor the movement of devices and vehicles in real time.
	Najnowsze technologie

Newest technologies

Devices enabling disassembly and assembly of the heaviest systems in the most difficult places.

We buy, refurbish and sell IT equipment

Is the modernization or replacement of IT equipment a problem? Not in cooperation with Compan-IT. Our "IT Purchase" service provides a fast, safe and cost-effective solution, all based on good ITAD (IT Asset Disposal) practices
ITAD (IT Asset disposition) ITAD (IT Asset disposition)

(IT Asset Disposal)

(IT Asset Disposal)

We give new life to refurbished devices, providing companies and individuals with high-quality devices. Our offer includes comprehensive solutions in the field of server equipment and network construction, including computers, laptops, conference equipment and many other products.
Skup sprzętu IT


Purchase of IT equipment


Permanent data liquidation
Odnowienie sprzetu


Refabrication process
Ekologia mniej odpadów


Less electrical waste
Sprzedaż hurtowa i detaliczna


Wholesale and retail
Zwrot kapitału z inwestycji


Return on investment
Dlaczego my nagłówek
Dlaczego my

/ Tailored to your needs

We offer a variety of transport options depending on the assets you are transporting. We will adjust the migration plan for complete server racks, computers, servers and mass storage with valuable data.

/ Experienced technicians

Our team of specialists are qualified in disassembly and assembly of devices and components, as well as their connection and configuration. We have extensive practical experience because we relocate data centers on a regular basis.
Doświadczeni technicy
Transport to nie ryzyko

/ Transport is not a risk

Our verified and trained drivers will safely transport your equipment. Cars and trucks have 24/7 monitoring and a GPS system, and your equipment is secured, sealed and entered into the transport records.

/ Everything according to the plan

The entire migration process is well planned. We determine the optimal number of employees and vehicles, we have transport equipment to move equipment between the building and trucks. We plan the route, stops, accommodation and we arrange the work so as to complete the relocation in the fastest time.
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